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Our Recent Stay: Hermitage Bay in Antigua

Our owner just got back from four relaxing nights in Antigua at Hermitage Bay, a five-star, adults only, all-inclusive resort cascading from a lush hilltop to the sugar-white beach with crystal clear water. This property focuses on honoring the Caribbean style with its natural resources.

Why I went:


I originally chose to visit Hermitage Bay in order to record a podcast episode for “Come Fly With Me.” In setting these plans, I realized that the dates conveniently aligned with my one year wedding anniversary, so this trip doubled as a romantic getaway.

Hermitage Bay closes annually from late August to early October in order to perform maintenance. In light of COVID-19, Hermitage had been closed since March. I am here to say that their reopening did not disappoint, and I was honored to be a guest during their first few weeks of sharing their incredible hospitality.


What I loved:

SO MUCH. In transparency, I don’t relax easily. However, Hermitage Bay is not your typical getaway and the environment fully allowed me to shed the chaos of daily life.

The first thing that I noticed as our car transfer drove through the resort gates is that property leans towards a more reserved approach.

Upon check-in, we were ushered into the bar area, where my lips met the most refreshing mojito that has ever existed. Rosalia, the resident host, welcomed me with the sincerity of a close friend. In fact, we quickly realized that every staff member acts like they are welcoming you into their own home.

I once asked someone what made Hermitage so special and they simply responded that “once you go, you’ll just get it.” They were right.

Hermitage Bay is a perfect retreat for anyone looking to experience a true tranquil environment surrounded by the sounds and sites of nature. In true island style, the individual cottages offer open air showers, mosquito nets, and screened windows.

With respect to social distancing, Hermitage Bay could not be a more perfect destination to enjoy your own space, while still enjoying the amenities of a resort.


What I ate:

Goat water….yep, goat water. I personally hadn’t heard of goat water, but I’m all about asking a local what they recommend. When I asked one of the staff what he’d order, he said, “hands down, the goat water.” Who am I to question local culture? Y’all….it was DELICIOUS. I recommend Googling goat water before judging how it sounds (I promise that there was nothing watery about it).

We also had lobster, wahoo, scallops, steak, grouper, and fresh tuna. If you visit the company’s social media pages, you’ll be able to see fairly quickly that they take great pride in their food.

While the food was excellent in quality, I was most impressed by the true mixology of the bartender (Stoney is quite the popular man). He met every order with enthusiasm and creativity. Every drink that we tried was absolutely divine.


How I slept:

We were lulled to sleep by the sounds of the frogs and the crashing of the waves along the beach. The noise is audible from all villas, and light sleepers should consider that the windows are screens rather than glass. Nature is a main component of the experience here.

To me, sleeping was not the main focus because I was more excited to wake up, throw open the slatted doors, and enjoy the local landscape. We had the unique experience of spending two nights in a seaview garden villa, as well as two nights in a hillside suite. Both were incredible in their own ways and provide completely different experiences.

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