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If you’re being honest, when you plan your own vacation, it’s a lot like hosting your own birthday party…and where’s the fun in that? So put away the confetti poppers and helium tank…we have you covered. We start with a thorough inquiry form, and then move onto a brief intake call- just to make sure that we fully “get” you. From there, we’ll put together a bundled concept perfectly tailored to your personal style. Hesitant because you love being the party planner? Don’t worry- we think of this as a team effort.

Our goal is to prove our value through education and client empowerment. You’ll work with your travel advisor to select the service level that best matches your needs. You can choose to have us be as hands-on or as hands-off as you wish!

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We believe that independent travel can create a unique level of connection with the world. From brief getaways to lengthy sabbaticals, we are able to curate the perfect trip for one!

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Private balconies overlooking the coast, infinity pools suspended over crystaline water, and thrilling experiences that bring a couple together. That is our bread and butter. We love to help create a dreamy getaway that speaks specifically to your love language.

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Navigating group travel takes organization and communication... two things that we happen to specialize in! Our goal is to fully understand what each traveler wants out of their trip, and allow everyone (regardless of group size) to enjoy their perfect vacation.

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Coordinating an event from afar comes with unique challenges. We have the perfect resources (and connections) to simplify the process and allow planning an event to be seamless.

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Looking for a little bit more out of your vacation? Then you have come to the right place. Explorateur Travel focuses on putting the finishing touches on your itinerary through immersive experiences. Our goal is that we help you “feel” your destination, rather than merely visit. Whether it be an authentic cooking class in Tuscany, a sunrise coffee in the “bush” of Africa, a couples massage from your over-the-water bungalow in Bora Bora, a tango lesson in Argentina, or a coffee farm tour in Costa Rica…trust that we can curate your dream.   

Our service levels allow you to select how much assistance and hand-holding you wish to have through your planning process. We tailor our approach based on client needs, as well as their chosen level of investment. 

Regardless of your selected service level, you will be provided with a complimentary discovery call, hand-selected properties, in-travel emergency assistance, entry-requirement guidance, and the exceptional client experience that each Explorateur agent offers. 

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To provide a modernized solution to travel planning. Our philosophy is that travel isn’t only about seeing a destination, but it is about feeling the culture. We focus on experiential travel, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into your chosen destination.


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