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Our Recent Stay: Villa La Massa

The world needs a little wanderlust right now and we simply can not keep this property to ourselves any longer! Robin and Jennifer stayed at this gorgeous resort outside of Florence, and it was truly a dream.

Continue reading to see some of her favorite parts of the property:

Why I went:

I selected Villa La Massa because I knew of their incredible reputation through their Lake Como properties. This hotel is a sister property of Villa D’Este and Palace Hotel in Lake Como, and they are impeccably designed with wonderful service. When it came to visiting Florence again, I was hoping for a unique experience that was slightly out of the city center. Villa La Massa is an easy 15 minute ride to Florence, so you are given the privacy of a Tuscan retreat, while having the easy access of the city.

What I loved:

We loved the design of this property. It has just been renovated, so the look is fresh and modern. In fact, I was wondering how I could find the designer to come do my own home! I loved the hospitality – from the point of check in, to check out, the hotel assisted in dinner bookings, taxis (during hours that the shuttle wasn’t running), and guidance about how we could make our stay incredible.

How I slept:

Unlike the hotels in the city, Villa La Massa boasts the silence of the country. I am not exaggerating when I say that we napped as soon as we settled into our rooms. The temperature was idyllic, so we popped open the windows, listened to the birds chirping, and let the sounds of nature lull us to sleep.

What I ate:

When we got to VIlla La Massa, we were famished from our drive around the countryside. We tucked into the bar and ordered a light lunch and proseccos. The ingredients were fresh, the olive oil was tasty, and the prosecco was the perfect treat to wet our whistle!

What you get with your stay:

The biggest perk? The complimentary transfers to and from town. I have also had clients enjoy this property, and they loved the experience of staying in a 14th century villa, amongst beautiful gardens. They participated in the on-site cooking classes, a picnic, and more.

Why I would recommend this property to our clients:

Hands down- I recommend this spot. Not only have they revamped their rooms, but they are (as we speak) putting the finishing touches on an infinity pool that will overlook the Arno. This spot is a perfect balance for someone who wants city amenities and a relaxing getaway.

One thing that isn’t obvious, but I believe is so important, is that this property is extremely accommodating to someone who may be mobility impaired. Not all authentic properties are accessible, and this property does offer this for anyone who may need it.

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