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Our Recent Stay: Palazzo Avino

Back when the sun was shining on the world of travel, we were fortunate enough to get the experience of staying at Palazzo Avino in the mountainside town of Ravello. This property is referred to as the “Pink Palace,” and once you see it- you would know exactly why!

Read on to hear more on why we would choose to stay at this 12th century private villa turned 5 star luxury hotel over and over again:

Why I went:

We chose to spend our honeymoon along the Amalfi Coast for a multitude of reasons, and once you see the view from breakfast at Palazzo Avino, I wouldn’t have to list any of them…you’d just get it. We spent the first portion of our stay in the town of Praiano and then moved to the mountain tops of Ravello. The contrast of the two was perfect, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity stay overnight in the town of Ravello, rather than simply doing a day trip, like many do. Palazzo Avino is celebrated as one of the most prestigious hotels along the coast, and it is the perfect choice for a truly special occasion.

What I loved:

If the actual pale pink of the building isn’t aesthetically pleasing enough, your breath would really be stolen as you walk through the glass doorway to the hotel, which provides a clear view of the coast line. If you are looking for an luxe experience, that provides the drama of the coast, while being surrounded by Italian history and gastronomical delights, Palazzo Avino is the hotel for you.




How I slept:

There are few better ways to sleep than with the windows open, and the curtains of a seaside room blowing in the breeze. That’s exactly how I spent the night at Palazzo Avino, and it was sheer heaven.

We awoke to the most beautiful sunrise, and spent a lazy morning in bed, before heading down to one of the most panoramic breakfast terraces that you could imagine.

What you get with your stay:

I was best served by not knowing how fantastic this property actually is, because I had the fun of getting surprised at every turn. First off, if you are visiting in the summer, you are going to want to spend your time at the hotel’s beach club. A beach club as a hotel amenity is a scarcity along the coast, but particularly in Ravello. Combine that with the chic decor of the beach club, and it is enough to win you over.

In addition to sipping spritzes along the water, you can enjoy the wellness components of the hotel. Palazzo Avino offers an open air gym that sits on a grass terrace with a view that will distract you from your cardio, and a spa that boasts the same perk.


Why I would recommend this property to our clients:

I believe that every hotel has a specific client, and I feel the same about Palazzo Avino. The ideal client for this property would have an appreciation for art, history, and would prefer a stay with authentic Italian touches. I wouldn’t hesitate to return, and I look forward to hearing my clients share their Palazzo Avino memories in trips to come.

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