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Our Recent Stay: Casa Angelina

Jennifer just got back from a luxurious honeymoon through Italy, complete with a stay at the incredible Casa Angelina in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast!

Continue reading to see some of her favorite parts of the property:

Why I went:

When it comes to a travel agent’s own honeymoon, there is a lot of analysis, discernment, and debate on finding the PERFECT spot. In fact, the only thing that we did know for certain, was that we were headed back to Italy. I was fortunate to win a contest with Classic Vacations, which would provide us with 7 free nights in Rome, Florence and Viareggio. Since we had gotten engaged in Italy, and seen a few spots together already, we wanted to tack on a leg that would provide us with a different experience.

I knew that my fiance (now husband) would love the dramatic landscape of the Amalfi Coast, so I began exploring this as an option for the kick off to our Italian getaway. It was around that time that I saw my favorite blogger, Beth Chappo from Seersucker + Saddles, sharing insta-stories of her stay at Casa Angelina….and SOLD! The next few questions will answer all the goods on why this was UNQUESTIONABLY the perfect honeymoon stop.

What I loved:

I feel like this post could get too long with sharing the things that I loved…but I’ll shout out the highlights. Casa Angelina is the most modern and fresh hotel you will find on the Amalfi Coast. They actually have an employee entirely dedicated to touching up the 15 shades of white that adorn the walls of the hotel. Most properties here haven’t been renovated in years, and can be dated. Not that those factors are a deterrent here- frankly, when you are in Positano, those details seem to elicit a romantic nostalgia. However, I had a few things that I wanted out of my Amalfi experience that were all captured in my stay with Casa Angelina.

Those characteristics were:

  1. Modern in design (including technologically inclined…which seems silly, until you don’t have access to a USB adaptor for days)

  2. Easy access to a beach

  3. A pool (not always common here)

  4. Spa amenities (also not always common)

  5. Views from the rooms.

Not only did Casa Angelina fulfill all of these desires, but they fulfilled others that I didn’t even know that I had!

How I slept:

We were fortunate to stay in the “Romance Room” with a private balcony and view of the coast (I could have stayed on that balcony forever). The bed faced the windows, which we took advantage of by opening to let the curtains blow in the breeze while we lazily lounged and took in the panorama in front of us.

What I ate:

First things first- the breakfast was divine. In fact, divine doesn’t seem to be a bold enough descriptor. As we woke from an incredible sleep (see next bullet point), we headed up the elevator to the breakfast room, which sits atop of the rest of the hotel. While we were seated, we were awestruck by the direct view of Positano from the terrace. I managed to catch my breath enough to order a cappucino, and then made my way inside to the buffet. I was met with fresh baked pastries, a selection of cheeses, and a charcuterie station manned by a gentleman in a chefs jacket. On demand proscuitto? I HAVE MADE IT. I filled my plate with local delicacies, and just when I thought that my mouth couldn’t water any more from the freshly sliced burrata and tomatoes that I had plucked onto my plate, I was offered freshly sliced truffles for my poached eggs. Need I say more?

While I could keep going about the breakfast, I will share that the lobster pasta that I ate poolside was just as memorable. While most things will taste 10x better with the view that Casa Angelina offers, the salty flavors of the sea among fresh linguine stood on their own two feet. I am still dreaming about these meals, and have already been plotting how I can get back for a repeat scenario.

What you get with your stay:

I’ll say it again, because it is important to reiterate this- few places have all the amenities that Casa Angelina has: a beach, views, a pool, and a spa. Add that to how modern and updated it is- and it is simply unmatched. At this property, you receive complimentary access to One Fire Beach (which is down the stairs from the hotel), free hourly shuttles to and from Positano, a serviced pool area with an unreal view of Capri and Positano, a wellness area, spa services, and a beautiful breakfast terrace. Lastly, and maybe a small detail to some, but I was able to submit all my concierge requests through their website prior to arrival..and BOOM..and dining was handled for me!

Why I would recommend this property to our clients:

For anyone looking for an elevated experience- this is it. One major detail that I have overlooked to share thus far, is that this property is 12 and up. While I am a big fan of family travel, Casa Angelina has reserved itself as a mature oasis.

In summary, this is my favorite hotel that I have EVER stayed in.

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