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TOP 5 LIVE: Favorite Travel Products



Top 5 Favorite Travel Products!

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, travel can be exciting and energizing – or stressful and frustrating! You may not be able to control everything that your trip can throw at you, having the right equipment can help keep you organized and comfortable. Read more about the top 5 favorite travel products we wouldn’t leave home without below:

  1. Travel Pillow – This is an amazing purchase for anyone looking to catch up some beauty sleep during their longer flights! Our personal favorite… the Trtl Pillow! It comes with a plastic skeleton that sits on your shoulders and Velcro’s in place to support your neck. Aside from being a great fashion statement, this travel accessory is sure to help curb that post-flight hangover feeling.  

  2. Eye Mask – These are amazing for not only flights but also hotels! Changing time zones can be hard on our bodies so getting a relax nights sleep when you can is crucial to having an enjoyable trip. Magellan’s Eye Masks are like black out curtains x3. They are compact, don’t touch your eye lashes, completely block all light, and are molded to your nose.

  3. Multi-Plug Portable Battery Charger – I think that we all know how frustrating our phone’s battery life can be. Your phone is so necessary to document your travels and keep you safe in a new area, but there is nothing worse than hoping from cafe to cafe looking for an outlet! Something to keep in mind when shopping for a portable battery charger is one with multiple ports for phones, cameras, etc.! 

  4. Away Luggage – Luggage is a no brainer when it comes to travel items but good luggage can be surprisingly hard to find. One of our favorite brands is the Away Luggage! This brand comes with a lifetime guarantee, hard shell outside, various sizes, the 360 wheels, and a removal battery pack!

  5. Water Bottle – Hydration is no joke y’all! Staying hydrated keeps you fresh from the inside out so you should always be sure to get enough water while traveling and exploring new places (In the words of our fearless leader Jen, “hydrate or die!”). However, constantly buying plastic water bottles is wasteful and expensive! Instead, invest in a simple water bottle that you can throw in your bag and go.

  6. BONUS! Travel Wallet – Staying organized while traveling isn’t always easy as you rush from place to place. However, the Mochi Tripping Wallet carries all of your valuables (passport, credit cards, coins, etc.) in one place! This wallet is durable and a great compact size to throw in your carry on or purse on the go.

What are some of your favorite travel items or products? Comment below!

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