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Friday Feature: Amalfi Coast


Amalfi Coast

Who hasn’t seen the Amalfi Coast pop up on their social media feed lately!? This destination is as beautiful as it is popular, and there is a reason for that! With adorable seaside towns tucked into the Mediterranean mountainscape, there is no shortage of things to do, eat, and see! This paradise is only an hour and a half from Naples, and the flights departing out of Naples tend to be very early in the morning, so make sure to plan accordingly!

What is the best times to visit? The busy season begins around Easter and runs through September, but prices are generally lower in May and June. May is a top month to visit the Amalfi Coast, with perfect temperatures, lush blooms, and fewer tourists!

Don’t Miss: 

  • Sorrento – This is the official starting point of the Amalfi Coast and the easiest town to reach. This accessibility makes it the easiest place to stay if you are looking to day trip to Naples or Pompeii. However, this also means that is gets packed with other tourists during the busy season.

    • Stay here if: you are looking for a convenient location you can plan day trips from, if you are looking for a spot where most people speak English, if you are wanting to ease into your Amalfi Coast vacation, you don’t mind crowds, or you don’t have a lot of time to spend on the coast.

  • Positano – Positano is famously known for it’s pastel colored houses that cover its steep cliff into the sea. Known for upscale shopping, sandy beaches, and great nightlife, this is a destination for travelers looking for a chic, upscale getaway.

    • Stay here if: you are looking for a vacation in luxury, if you don’t mind spending some extra money on your vacation, you are physically fit and don’t mind walking through steep streets, prefer sandy beaches to rocky coasts, if you are looking to shop and experience the nightlife!

  • Ravello – This is a tiny village that sits back away from the coast atop a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. Ravello is a hidden gem because it does not have direct beach access which makes it less popular for travelers and therefore slightly less crowded than other Amalfi Coast towns.

    • Stay here if: you are looking for a more romantic getaway, want a destination that is a little less crowded, you don’t mind not being directly on the beach, if you are looking for a little more peace and quiet.

  • Capri – Aside from being a summer favorite of holidaying VIPs, Capri is also a hugely popular day-trip destination for both cruise ship passengers or tourists staying on the mainland. Ferries depart from all major towns on the coast. Be sure to leave time to take a Capri boat tour to explore the nearby sea caves, take pictures of the iconic rock formations in the water (known as Faraglioni), or simply enjoy a dip in the beautiful water. After a full day in the sun and water, leave room for some local Limoncello and Torta Caprese.

Our Favorites 

EuroLimo – The transfer from Naples to the Amalfi Coast is a hairpin road not for the faint of heart and EuroLimo is a great alternative to a car rental. This transfer typically costs about 100 Euro each way for 2 people. 

Cantina del Vesuvio – This local winery is a great halfway point between Naples and the coast, making it an ideal lunch spot!

Franco’s Bar in Positano – Beautiful views, friendly staff, and great drinks… What more could you ask for in a place as beautiful as Positano?

La Fontelina Beach Club in Capri – This is arguably one of the most beautiful locations possible to spend a day. Take in some sunshine while enjoying amazing food, private beach access, and stunning rock formations. 

The Sommelier’s table at Rossellinis Restaurant – The perfect place an authentic and unforgettable Italian dinner with wine, cheese, and a romantic atmosphere. 

Blue Star Boat Tours – Blue Star provides private and personalized excursions along the Amalfi Coast & Capri daily. 

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Things To

Know Before You Go…

  • There is no Uber currently in Italy but there are plenty of cabs available! Much of the area near the beach is only accessible on foot, so any mobility limitations should be considered before picking certain areas of the coast.

  • It is best to over-budget for this leg of the trip, especially if you are looking for a room with a view!

  • Make sure you reserve your ferry tickets in advance, especially during busy season!

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