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TOP 5 LIVE: Destination Weddings



Top 5 Tips for Destination Weddings

Once you have picked out your dream location, it’s time to start planning… while being thousands of miles away! (What?!) Destination weddings are beautiful, exciting, but a little intimidating at the same time. If you or a loved one has contemplating hosting their big day abroad, check out our top five tips about planning a destination wedding: 

  1. Expect lag time in communication – In different countries, it is important to realize that there are different senses of urgency! America is a very fast paced, efficient culture compared to the rest of the world. Do not worry if you do not get immediate responses from vendors. Just because they do not work as quickly as American vendors it does not mean that they are not taking your big day just as seriously!  

  2. Work with someone who can break down language barriers – This tip goes beyond just the normal language barrier that happens between different cultures – which is still very important! It is best to find someone who can also break down destination wedding language into manageable pieces that you can properly understand. You do not necessarily need a wedding planner, but it is best to find an ally to help you figure out the logistics of a totally different country (which we are happy to help with)! 

  3. Think through guest logistics – Destination weddings are meant to be more intimate and a special time for those closest to you. However, before deciding on a destination wedding think through your guest list and if a wedding abroad is feasible for the majority of those who mean the most. If not everyone can attend, don’t take it personally. Everyone is in a different season of life with different financial situations so just because someone can not celebrate with you in person does not mean that they can not celebrate you from afar! 

  4. Be aware of legal ceremony requirements – There are hoops to jump through on the front end in order for ceremonies to be legal in different countries. For example in Italy, you can not be legally married unless you have been in the country for four days and have approval from all of the proper channels. Do your research! 

  5. Be flexible – Part of the fun in a destination wedding comes with embracing the unfamiliar. It is so important to remain flexible throughout the entire process! Be open to date changes, unique contract processes, different venue options within peak season, communication lags, and more! This is not to scare you but as with any travel it is best to know that the road to your destination will not always be smooth sailing. Things will arise and it is best to roll with the punches – and if those punches become too much to handle, reach out to an expert… We might just know a guy 😉 

Follow the adventure!