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25 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers at Every Budget

It’s that time of year where where everyone is making their list, checking it twice, and figuring out which presents are cheesy or nice. Well, good news! We’ve picked out 25 flawless gifts for travelers that can help their adventures go more smoothly, and BONUS…you walk away looking like a saint! Regardless of your budget, these ideas will make any wanderluster’s dreams come true this holiday season.

1. Never lose luggage with Tile Slim ($30). This gadget slips into luggage and connects to a smart phone. This makes tracking luggage easy and fast. The app can “ring” the luggage if it is within 100 feet, and if the tile isn’t within 100 feet, the last known location will be provided through the app.

2. A Netflix giftcard (various amounts). Everyone needs a little bit of Netflix and chill now and then…no matter where they are in the world. Bring the comfort of home to someone, even if they are bunked up in a hostel somewhere by providing someone with their favorite movies and shows on-demand.

3. Keep someone healthy while on the road with the Jade Travel Yoga Mat ($69.95-79.95). This mat folds up or rolls up conveniently and only weighs 1 pound. Weight is an important factor while packing, so this makes a perfect gift for someone looking to stay healthy while traveling light.

4. Help someone take the perfect selfie with the Joby phone tri-pod (kit for $35.92). Not only does this tripod hold a phone, but there are also magnetic options, as well as flexible legs that wrap to hang from anywhere, as well as suction cups that can stick to a vertical surface. This is seriously better than a selfie stick!

5. Provide the gift of great photos. If you know someone who is looking to capture incredible photos, but they may not be a photo pro just yet, help them on their journey with an entry level DSLR camera ($400+).

6. Help someone amp up their luggage game with Raden Smart Luggage ($295). This luggage weighs itself, is trackable, charges anything that has a USB, plus it is incredibly durable for those crazy luggage carousels!

7 & 8. Give someone the gift of safety for their passport, money and credit cards with RFID blocking cards ($20) to slip into this stylish Mochi wallet ($49.95) that holds everything a traveler needs.

9. Keep luggage unique, just like your friends and family with luggage tags from Mark & Graham ($65). There are plenty of colors to choose from, and monogramming is an option that gives this gift an extra personalized touch.

10. Make traveling with a personal item a breeze with the OG Lo & Sons bag (On sale for $206.95) that easily slides over rolling luggage handles. Stop airport traffic jams by avoiding luggage loss with this secure stow and go feature! This company has nailed all the travel necessities with their bag amenities.

11. “Cheers” someone from afar with a Carry On Cocktail Kit ($24). There are plenty of versions to choose from and they are TSA approved so that anyone can enjoy the perfectly blended beverage no matter where they are headed!

12. Give someone a way to track their memories through an interactive scratch off map from Uncommon Goods ($26/$40). This is perfect for a globetrotter who is looking to display their travels proudly on the wall.

13. Help someone get some much needed rest with the uniquely shaped J-Pillow ($28). This pillow is compact while not inflated, but provides a unique shape that supports the neck and head during a cramped commute. As a side note: It’s the #1 rated travel pillow on Amazon!

14. Couple #13 with the #1 selling sleep mask on Amazon: The Alaska Bear Sleep Mask ($11)! This mask promises total blackout (in case the Carry On Cocktail kit didn’t do the job), hypoallergenic fabric, and a silky smooth feel for ultimate relaxation.

15. Change someone’s environment with this travel humidifier ($20). This humidifier conveniently sits in a glass of water, unlike some that require specifically sized bottles. The benefits of a humidifier include fighting off colds, more vibrant skin, and improved sleep, making this the gift that keeps giving!

16. Help someone jam out to their favorite tunes with a lightweight blue tooth speaker. The JBL Flip 3 speaker ($79.95) weighs in at 1 pound, meaning that this speaker can easily be stowed in luggage and will allow your gift recipient to listen to their tunes wherever they go. It is also splash proof and comes in 8 different (and fun) colors for a perfectly personal gift!

17. Keep someone dry with a beautiful Turkish towel by Poketo ($38). This is absorbent enough to dry off after a shower, snuggly enough to use as an airplane blanket, and big enough to use for an impromptu picnic in the park.

18. Bring life into focus with the olloclip ($80). This lens easily snaps onto an iPhone and has 4 different lens types. A phone has never taken such great photos!

19. Give the gift of a youthful glow by giving the Clarisonic Travel Set ($169), with face cleanser, an anti-aging mask, overnight cream, and a Clarisonic! Flights can dehydrate and wreak havoc on the skin. With this set, you can keep someone looking fresh from wheels up to touchdown.

20. Travel is increasingly requiring more and more technology. With more and more technology comes more cords. Help your fellow traveler stay organized a travel organizers list like the BUBM Travel Organizer ($8), AmazonBasics Case ($10),  or the Mark and Graham rollable cord carrier ($49).

21. Every traveler should keep a journal of where they’ve been, where they want to go, and other thoughts along the way…maybe even a few doodles! This Moleskine notebook ($33) allows creativity to blossom by connecting to Adobe and actually turning journal entries into digital files.

22. Provide inspiration to someone who is looking for their next vacation with a subscription to Afar magazine ($20). You can share the world with someone throughout the year with this culture-focused travel magazine.

23. Headphones can be bulky to pack, and even harder to relax in. With the Bose Quiet Comfort 20 in-ear headphones ($249.95) you can allow someone to cancel out the background noises on the flight, while giving excellent sound quality. 

24. Give the gift of memories with a Flytographer Giftcard ($250-$875). Whether you know someone traveling domestically or internationally, chances are that Flytographer has a photographer to help your friends or family capture incredible images within the vicinity. This is a perfect gift regardless of if you recipient is traveling solo or with a group.

25. Lastly, give someone the gift of the world…and more free time by providing them with a tailor-made itinerary created with their travel style and budget in mind. We are ready to help plan travel for 2017 and beyond with our gift cards ($50/$200).

Check out a full gallery of these 25 items below. Happy Holidays!


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