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Turn Coach Into First Class & Beach Jet Lag With These Easy Tips

If you’re like most of us, you’ve done it…you’ve walked onto the plane and past the first class seats that are all nestled in and enjoying their pre-flight cocktails. However, there are a few tricks that you can follow to make a coach seat feel just as cozy as the oh-so-coveted business or first class spots.

1. Charge cards can do some good. I know what Dave Ramsey would say right about now. He’d be mad that I encouraged anyone to open a credit card. However, if you are looking to amp up your flying experience (and you fly Delta), I encourage you to go ahead and apply for the credit card. You don’t have to carry a balance, but you do get into the Sky Lounge for free. This means an opportunity to freshen up in their amazing bathrooms with shower stalls, and all the amenities (I know it sounds weird, but trust me that they are awesome), have a beverage, or two, before heading to the gate, relax in a quiet environment, and enjoy some healthy snacks while waiting to board your flight. Don’t want to take my word for it? Check out the perks here!

2. Front row seats aren’t just for concerts. I spent years avoiding the front rows of economy because I preferred to keep my “personal item” under the seat in front of me, but then I was flying to Malta and I passed a couple who was passed out, cuddled up in blankets, with their legs fully extended. I went to the bathroom three times and they were in this position for the entire flight…the entire flight! I decided to give the front row a shot and I will never go back. I was able to climb over my seat-mate without disturbing him because of all of the legroom, and I didn’t even miss the nook of space in front of me. I just stowed my computer, headphones, my phone, and kindle in the pocket on the wall and called it a day!

3. Keep with routine. If you are getting on a flight at night, make sure to keep with the schedule. Kick off your shoes, brush your teeth, and get comfy. Transitioning your body can help you transition mentally, and this will allow you acclimate more naturally from departure to arrival.

4. Use the eyemask. Most airline carriers provide an eye mask to block out the light on the plane. My favorite trick is to put a little lavender oil on the mask for a soothing touch, slip on a fresh pair of socks, change the station to classical music (or spa/zen sounds) and zone out for the next couple hours. If you’re really wanting to catch some z’s, pop a few ZzzQuil Nighttime and you can consider yourself “lights out.”

5. Kick off the flight with some bubbly! I’m all for an inaugural glass of champagne to kick off the flight…in fact, I think it makes you feel even closer to first class! However,  you should be aware that if you are wanting to have a restful flight as if you were hanging out in a one person pod toward the front of the plane, you may want to skip the booze throughout the flight so that you can get better sleep. Alcohol can backfire and actually prevent you from slipping into a deep sleep that will help you feel more rested by you arrival time.

6. No matter what, Follow the time zone of your destination. Changing from coast to coast can be difficult on the body, but all it takes to adjust is a little mental willpower (and maybe some caffeine). Wherever you land, make sure to follow a normal schedule. If you land at noon, check into the hotel and then start to site see. Whatever you do, don’t give in to the desire to nap midday. You are bound to oversleep and miss dinner…and then possibly stay up all night. It may be a struggle, but your sleep pattern will determine the schedule for the rest of your vacation.

We’re not all willing to shell out the big bucks to get a mimosa, a sleeping “pod,” and meals that start with shrimp cocktail. After all, sometimes it’s pricey enough just to be sitting in the back of the plane. I consider myself fortunate to even be seated on a plane going to an exciting new place! However, sometimes the flight can set the tone for the trip. For those trips, just follow these easy tips and you are sure to start your trip more rested and ready to explore when you land. Enjoy!





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