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Better Skin From Wheels Up To Touch Down

Traveling is hard on the body. That is a fact. We tend to splurge on exotic foods, drink too much, sleep too little, and not hydrate nearly enough. But when all is said and done, the only thing that I hear people talking about is food regret and working off the vacation indulgences, all while ignoring their biggest organ: the skin.

As I have gotten older, I have realized that you cannot abuse your most visible accessory and then expect it to do you any favors. The dehydration of planes is enough to send your skin into a tailspin, and then add drinking on top of all of that…and you’re asking for disaster!

Here are my steps for keeping my skin happy from throughout my travels:

  • Hydrate. I’m not talking about a glass of water here in there. Grab the embarassingly large water bottle from the first bookstore you see in the airport and keep drinking. Hint: You may want to start booking the aisle seat (wink wink).

  • Don’t leave your products at home. It can be easy to rely on travel size options, but skin is very sensitive and changing your routine can completely change your skin’s health. There are far too many handy options for travel sized containers now to leave your products at home, and most quality brands feature special edition travel packs every now and then (stock up when you see them!).

  • Facial masks. I’ve become a junky for face masks while in Europe because there is a Sephora on every corner and they carry these easy to pack, grab-and-go, single use face masks. They are affordable and they can rejuvenate my skin in 10 minutes when I’m looking like a college kid during finals week.

  • Make-up Wipes. Let’s face it (pun intended)…sometimes we are too tired to function and our face gets the shaft when we don’t take the time to properly take off our make-up. When I’m in between appointments or just have downtime, I strip off my make-up and let my skin breathe.

Some of my personal favorite products are here:

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