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Jennifer’s 8 Must Have Travel Items

Everyone has those items that they just can’t live without. I have 8 items that I have found that make my travels easier on a daily basis. Now that I’ve found them, I refuse to travel without these 8 things moving forward:

Photo Credit: Mochi Things

Photo Credit: Mochi Things

1. Mochi Passport Wallet. One of my favorite travel items that I have ever purchased is my Mochi wallet. I love that I can use this for regular wallet use, but that I can also stash my passport within easy reach, and keep it close during the boarding process. The big plus? It’s very affordable!

2. Belkin Power Pack & Surge Protector. I love battery packs that can be stowed and used during travel for when a phone, computer or other item is running low on juice. I recently invested in the Belkin battery pack and I love that I can plug in multiple items at one time and stretch out the life of my tech items without having to spend time plugged into a wall.

Photo Credit: Belkin

Photo Credit: Belkin

3. Flashdrive of movies. Life on the road can sometimes require the comforts of home. Having a few favorite movies on hand can create the perfect “night in” no matter where you are in the world. The most compact version that I have found so far is the SanDisk Ultra Fit.

4. Travalo Perfume/Cologne/Aftershave Capsule. After breaking a massive bottle of Chanel Chance on a tile bathroom floor (it. was. awful), I realized that I needed to rethink how I traveled with perfume. Lucky for me (and you!) there are these nifty spray containers that perfectly transfer your liquids and hold them safely in a plastic compact capsule that is easy to throw in any bag.

5. A Corkscrew. I don’t think I need to explain this one… I like wine. I always bring a corkscrew so that no matter what bottle you get, or where you want to drink it, you are prepared. Picnic while on the road? I’m ready!

6. Lifeproof Case/Power Pack. Phone batteries can die quickly while traveling, especially if you are using your phone for the camera, editing, posting, texting, and GPS to find your way around. With the Lifeproof Case, you can have 2X the battery power. Once your power level goes down, just press the button on the back to kick off the 2nd full charge!

Photo Credit: Cargo Collective

Photo Credit: Cargo Collective

7. Vapur Collapsible Water Bottle.  In some places, water can be scarce…and sometimes can even be cheaper than wine (praise the Lord) and this can leave you feeling dehydrated, bloated, and swollen. This bottle is compact and can roll up so that you aren’t adding the weight of a metal bottle or the bulk up a Nalgene.

8. Mavogel Roller Bottles for Essential Oils (or Perfume). I’m not fluent in essential oils, but I can tell you that I love using lavender to help me sleep. Sleeping in new places with noise, different beds, “interesting” pillows, and unique smells can definitely dig into productive sleep time. I keep a roller of lavender oil in my bag for rough nights where I need to calm the mind and relax a bit in order to catch some “z’s.”

Do you have items that have made your travels easier or better? I would love to hear them!

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