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3 Easy Rules For Writing Your Bucket List

Hi! Quick question- what’s a bucket list? Some of you reading this may be saying, “of course I know what a bucket list is,” and some of you may also be wondering why I’m even questioning the definition of this ‘bucket list’ thing, but seriously what is it?

Well, a bucket list is actually more than you think. It’s more than just a list containing 100 things to complete before you die, or 7 places to see before your 85th birthday party. It’s a special list of things you want to accomplish, and places you want to see; this list is a known unknown of your future, the mysterious part of life and travel.

Feeling on top of the world while hiking the wolfberg cracks in south africa

Feeling on top of the world while hiking the wolfberg cracks in south africa

A bucket list is a reflection of experiences you want to have. These are the places and things that are going to have the story; the story with the friends and the feels (I’m not kidding!) When you start to cross things off your list, you’ll know what I mean. You’ll look down at your bucket list and laugh so hard when you see ‘skydiving’ checked off and remember how hung-over you were, and finally can admit that you were probably still a little drunk from the night (or morning?) before. One of my favorites is seeing the slash through #4 and smiling so much because you remember how that is the one that changed your life, or #54 because that’s when you met your best friend by sitting alone in that pub in Dublin.

Lions during safari at kruger national park

Lions during safari at kruger national park

So my bucket list is something I’ve never really thought to put on paper, until recently, and it was pretty hard for me. I always say I want to go everywhere and try one million things, but I had to finally narrow in on the things that I feel are so important to me and the ones I think will impact my life in certain ways. I want you readers to do that. Make your bucket list if you haven’t already, and really make it mean something to you. I want your bucket list to be your storybook without writing 200 pages…I mean you can do that too, but I want this to be the list of your memories for the future, present, and past. [Ok, this is perfect! I am listening to a song right now, and check out these lyrics…”Never stop making memories. Live life, don’t just exist.” I love that! Think of your bucket list in that way…it’s your working document that you are constantly adding to and editing.]

3 Easy Steps to Starting Your Bucket List:

1. Write it down

Any time you think of a place, or something you want to do, I want you to write it down somewhere. I actually keep a “note” specifically labeled Bucket List on my phone, and I will catch myself referring back to it as I plan my trips and also adding to it when I see some neat place while digging for research on the computer some nights. It also just helps sometimes to see it on paper instead of have it all up in your head (I also like crossing things out as I go!) 

2. Make it more than just a task

Bungee jumping at bloukrans bridge in south africa

Bungee jumping at bloukrans bridge in south africa

Jen actually taught me this one (you rock!). So, instead of just writing down, “see the Eiffel Tower,” I want you to make it an experience…try doing something like, “sip on a hot latte while admiring the Eiffel Tower at sunset.” It spices things up, and now I really want a spice chai tea latte (omg- yum…)

3. Don’t stop adding to it

If ya ask me, there’s no end to a bucket list. I think they should keep on going and going and going and….you get the picture. As you start to travel, you might experience this thing called the travel bug, and it’s pretty hard to get rid of. The reason I mention this is because you’ll probably begin to research more places, or meet people who tell you about something amazing they did…causing you to say “OK, I just have to do that!!”

Don’t be ashamed if your list has all the things tourists do on it. Mine definitely does. And don’t be ashamed if you don’t know what you want to put on your bucket list. It’s a work in progress and it’s for you. I want you to use your imagination, make it fun, and GET EXCITED!!

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for Explorateur’s bucket list. It’s coming soon! 

What’s on your bucket list?? 

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