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TOP 5 LIVE: Travel #Fails



Jennifer’s Top 5 Travel Disasters

We have said it before but we will say it again, travel is messy y’all! But that’s what makes it fun right? Well maybe down the road… for times like these when we can tell you our horrible stories with a smile and a glass of wine in hand.

Keep reading to hear some of Jennifer’s top five travel #fails: 

  1. Airbnb Fail: The scene: November in Santorini with rainy, cold, damp weather. I arrive in Santorini ready to go to our Airbnb, but I did not reserve a cab in advance! As you probably know from our previous post, there are a VERY limited number of cabs in Greece. Our Airbnb host also did not receive our correct travel information so there was no one waiting on us when we landed. Again, it is raining sideways rain in November while we stand on the side of the road. My friend and I waited for 30 minutes only to find out that our Airbnb was 20 ft away, within walking distance, with an overhang, out of the rain and cold… Pro tip: Do your research about the location of your Airbnb when you actually have data or make sure to reserve a cab in advance! 

  2. Limencello Fail: The scene: Solo traveling through Italy with a one day stop in Capri. This is were I learned the important lesson between gracious hospitality and overconsumption. I was sitting at a bar receiving multiple limencello shots from the wait staff without realizing how much I actually drank… Life lesson. Do not drink more than two limencellos! Thankfully due to weather my trip was extended or else I would have spent the one and only day I had in Capri very ill. 

  3. Rental Car Fail: The scene: Oversleeping in Malta with a low quality rental car. I rented a Toyota Tersel while in Malta that decided to die on me as I was headed to catch my boat ride. It was a manual car, which my Airbnb host told me could not be jumped. We jumped up and down on the side of the road until we finally flagged down a mechanic (ironically enough) who was in fact able to jump the car. The good news is that we did eventually make it to the boat… 3 hours late.      

  4. Parking Garage Fail: The scene: Early morning flight out of Croatia. If you have been to Croatia you know that all of the cities are walled and there are parking garages outside of those walls. You can not drive inside of the city but you can park outside of the perimeter (Side note: bring a backpack if you go because the cobblestone streets are no joke). We are up early at 4:00am to catch our flight that leaves at 6:00am. When we try to exit the parking garage we realize that it requires exact change… I frantically run back our hotel where the clerk was able to get us proper change. Thankfully despite my early morning sprint, we were still able to get to the airport with an hour to spare.  

  5. Cardio Fail: The scene: Flight delayed 30 minutes coming from Paris into Philly. Initially, I thought I was fine. However, on this particular trip I checked my bag and had to wait for my luggage at customs. When it finally comes I grab my bag, get to the front of the line, and find out that I have to go FOUR terminals over (which is essentially the same as running a 5k in fur boots). As I am running through the Philly airport to my gate, I finally arrive only to see that the gate agents are in the process of closing the door. I hear my name over the intercom and in a moment of exhaustion and desperation, I shout out CARDIO! Thankfully I was 1 of 14 people who actually made my connection #sports! 

Do you have a funny/horrible travel story?! Share your travel disaster with us below!

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