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TOP 5 LIVE: Things to Know When Traveling During Hurricane Season



Things to know when booking travel during hurricane season

As messy as travel is, the one thing that is even more messy is weather! As we head into hurricane season (looking at you, Florence …), below are some tips and things to consider if you have upcoming travel plans during hurricane season.

  1. Hurricane season is from June – November. This seems like a very large window but typically us Florida folk will see have seen the most activity build around August to late September. However, it is good to know that June brides and summer travelers are not exempt from these possible delays caused by hurricane season!

  2. Get travel insurance. This used to be the box at the end of your trip reservation that we used to ignore because “nothing bad ever happens”… until it does and we kick ourselves for not investing a little more on our trip up front. Even if you are flying to and from places that are not typically affected by hurricanes and severe weather, it is good to remember that flights are always coming from somewhere. Your travel plans could be impacted if your flight is heading through an area about to experience a tropical storm. If you are saving up time and money to go on a vacation, it is always better to insure your trip should the unthinkable happen and mother nature take a turn for the worst.

  3. Prepare early. This will allow you to be minimally impacted. When you have travel plans that could be impacted by crazy weather, make sure to pay attention to updates from the airline. Sometimes they will offer blanket travel waivers for windows of travel that may be impacted by weather threatening future travel. Airlines try to get ahead of mayhem of cancellations and reschedules but allowing travelers to adjust in advance. Pay attention and adjust early to get your top pick of flights (worst case scenario).

  4. Be flexible. You choose to travel during hurricane season because of the amazing weather that goes hand in hand with summer, which means that more people are impacted by big storms. Let’s face it- travel is very emotional because you are spending your hard earned money and time to go on a vacation. However, keep in mind that the bottom line is that no one can control the weather – including that sweet little gate agent who is fielding every travelers concerns at once. Be patient and be flexible!

  5. Have an ally. When travel delays and cancellations happen (and they do happen during this crazy season) it is best to have someone in your corner who can have your back throughout the stressful process! Whether it is booking you a hotel, rerouting you to a different airport, or working through your trip insurance with you, it is best to partner with someone experienced in dealing with travel! And we would love to be that person for you ‍♀️

  6. EXTRA: Pack light! If you are delayed, your luggage is not going to make that connection so make your life easier by packing a light carry on. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

    Safe travels to everyone this hurricane season!

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