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TOP 5 LIVE: Hawaii Travel Hacks



Hawaii Travel Hacks to Make it Economical for Families

Hawaii is one of those exotic destinations that is just about on everyone’s bucket list but may seem a little out of reach financially, especially for families! However, we are here to tell you that it does not have to be! Read below for our top 5 travel hacks for making this tropical destination a little more budget friendly.

  1. Be open to cooking for yourself a couple times during your stay. Most Hawaiian resorts have a kitchen or kitchenette in the room which makes cooking meals an option during your stay! This is one of the easiest ways to cut cost since food is more expensive on the islands. Consider packing lightweight items in your carry on (i.e. small crockpot, hot plate, etc.) to help you avoid relying on restaurants for every meal.

  2. Pack your own breakfast. You can not bring fruit into Hawaii but you should consider stopping by a supermarket on your way to the resort to stock up on some easy breakfast options – breakfast bars, hard boiled eggs, etc.

  3. Stay on one island. The logistical costs of island hopping definitely add up over time. Transfers and plane tickets are very expensive so it is best to be aware of the logistical components associated with your vacation. The Hawaiian islands are all very different so do your research to ensure that you are staying on the island that best works for your travel style. (Need help picking an island? Check out our Hawaii blog HERE!)

  4. Rent a car. The wait time for Ubers are much longer because destinations are more spread out across the islands rather than in a city! Having your own car ensures that you can get from point A to point B without the hassle. If you are looking to rent a car, do so in advance to ensure you get the most economical car available.

  5. Bring a Tumblr. Not only does this help you to stay hydrated throughout your vacation, but it is also a clever way to get out of buying expensive cocktails pool side! Grab your favorite beverages when you stop to stock up on food for your room and your wallet will thank you later.

If you have some Hawaii travel hacks, share them in the comments below!

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