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Our Recent Stay: Four Seasons Bora Bora

Our fearless leader & CEO, Jennifer, just got back from an amazing stay at the Four Seasons Bora Bora… and it was next level luxury to say the least!

She is dishing out all the insider information you need to know to book your next stay at this Tahiti paradise.

Why I went:

The Four Seasons isn’t just a hotel – it’s an iconic brand representing quality and the epitome of high end experience. The location of the Four Seasons Bora Bora is hard to beat. Boasting views of Mount Otumanu and bungalows hovering over crystalline waters, this resort rivals it’s next door neighbors with vengeance. 

What I loved:

I have to admit that I teared up a bit when I got off the plane…not only was I ushered onto a luxury boat that seamlessly transferred me to my hotel, but I couldn’t stop saying…” I’m in BORA BORA…I never thought I would be in BORA BORA.” From the moment you walk onto the property, you are engulfed in the lush surroundings of the grounds. The walkways are nestled into nature and essentially hug you while you explore the property. The rooms are out of this world- you walk into a living space, through a bathroom featuring an ocean view bathtub, and into the bedroom. The amount of space justifies any length of stay, allowing you to settle in and feel at home. In fact, I felt so “at home” that I used the self-service laundry at the end of each bungalow section…saving me from smelling like a sailor fresh off the boat (y’all….Tahiti is HOT!). 

What I ate:

Ok, ok…don’t hate me, but the first thing I did when I heard that the pool bar offered two-for-one drinks in the afternoon was saddle up poolside, order a cool glass of French rose and hover over a heaping plate of truffle fries. Authentic? Maybe not…but I have no regrets. With all indulgences aside, the breakfast is one to remember. A juice bar, fresh made crepes, eggs to order, and authentic Polynesian fare made this buffet a satisfying spot to start the day. 

How I slept:

Like angels kissed my face and sang me a lullaby. You think I’m joking….but, may I remind you that I was in a cool room over the ocean, in the fluffiest king bed that the islands can offer, and facing a star sprinkled sky…I would not joke about this level of sleep. In fact, I can only dream about this level of sleep for the rest of my days. 

What I got with my stay:

The service offered at the Four Seasons can simply not be rivaled. I asked for ONE safety pin (due to a minor wardrobe malfunction) and came back to find a bag chock-o-block full of safety pins, next to a sewing kit. Need a ride to the restaurant? Simply call the front desk (don’t judge…heels on a dock is no small feat). From simple asks to big requests, the resort was willing to offer support.

Why I would recommend considering for your next trip to Nashville:

In the event that you didn’t read the previous responses, I’ll sum it up for you…do yourself a favor and book the ticket, make the reservation, and pack the sunblock (my souvenir was a gnarly sunburn). The Four Seasons is plenty large to enjoy a long stay, and the views will beg you to stay even longer than you originally planned. If you love being near the water, having your breath taken away by nature, and incredible gastronomy – look no further than Four Seasons Bora Bora! 

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