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Friday Feature: Valencia, Spain




When most people think of Spain they think of the big players like Barcelona and Madrid. But Valencia has all the draw of the larger cities without the same crowds and prices. Valencia sits on the coast of the Mediterranean which means it has a beautiful year round climate, along with traditional Spanish architecture and charm. How do you get to this gorgeous coastal city? Valencia’s main airport has plenty of flights to numerous European cities as well as some North American ones!

Best Times to Visit: While Valencia has a fabulous Mediterranean climate year round, the best times to visit are between March and June when the weather is warm and is devoid of crowds. July to October is the best time for some beach outings, but it would be quite crowded.

Things to do:

Visit the City of the Arts and Sciences. One of the most picturesque areas in the city, the City of Arts and Sciences is an architectural masterpiece. This collection of modern buildings and sculptures is made more incredible by the reflecting pools surrounding them! Be sure to spend your afternoon exploring this beautiful area – and don’t forget your camera!

Taste test through the Central Market. This beautiful 20th century building sits across from the Silk Exchange and is a true must see while in Valencia. There are 400 small traders at the market, with 959 selling farm and sea-fresh produce at the best prices in the city. It’s a perfect spot to grab some of your Spanish favorites like chorizo, jamón ibérico or manchego cheese!

Soak up the sunshine at Malvarrosa Beach. This stretch of beach sits just minutes outside of old town and spans over a half mile. The best part? You don’t have to walk far once you are done in the sun to find a refreshing drink and fresh lunch!

Take an authentic Spanish paella class! Valencia is the birthplace of this famous Spanish dish so no trip to this vibrant city is complete without sampling the local fare. Stroll the local markets with a personal guide finishing with an authentic lunch! Click HERE for more details!

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Feature Hotels: The Westin Valencia, Hotel Silken Puerta de Valencia, Vincci Lys Hotel

Things to know before you go…


  • It has it’s own language. If you are expecting Spanish while in Valencia, think again! They have their own language which is a mixture of Portuguese and French.

  • There are a lot of fireworks. Valencians really love fire.. which means there are fireworks year round!

  • Leave your umbrella at home. Valencia experiences over 300 days of sunshine every year making it an ideal year round destination.

  • It’s home to the Holy Grail. This may seem like a hoax but the Valencia Cathedral has formally claimed it’s home to this famous chalice. It is on display in the cathedral for you to see for yourself.

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