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Feature Friday: Ubud, Bali




Bali is quickly becoming a hot destination for travelers and it’s so easy to see why! Ubud is located in the uplands and known as the center of traditional crafts and dance of Bali. It is surrounded by rainforest, terraced rice paddies, and Hindu temples and shrines. Flights to this beautiful destination go through Ngurah Rai International Airport, the only airport in Bali.

Best Times to Visit: The best time to visit Bali is generally during the summer months of June, July, and August when the weather is driest and the days are sunny. Unfortunately, that’s also when the island becomes the most crowded.

Things to do:

Visit the Museum Puri Lukisan. Ubud is best known as the cultural center of Bali and is home to numerous art galleries. If you are into modern art, make sure to put a stop at the Museum Puri Lukisan where you will find a wide range of art work. The museum also comes with English language explanations of the history of art in this part of the world.

Enjoy a meal at Locavore. This is the most famous restaurant in Ubud, if not all of Indonesia! Prepare yourself because meals here usually last upwards of three hours and they offer an incredible wine pairing menu. Most dishes are fusion based so they mix local elements with foreign techniques, and have won plenty of awards doing so!

Take a stroll down the Campuhan Ridge Walk. This spot is located slightly outside of town but great for any travelers looking to get outside and explore the beautiful scenery of Bali. The starting point of Gunung Lebah Temple is a beautiful way to kick off a relaxing walk through rolling hills.

Visit Pura Taman Saraswati. This beautiful little temple is dedicated to the goddess of wisdom and the grounds are truly a test of true Indonesia architecture and design! To that end, you will find gorgeous carvings of the goddess all over the building and fountains in front of the temple that fill a large pond. It is also the spot for dance performances at night when the temple is illuminated in the night sky!

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Feature Hotel: COMO Uma Ubud, Four Seasons Bali at Sayan, Viceroy Bali, Amandari


Things to know before you go…


  • Beware of the monkeys. Wear minimal jewelry when you are around the monkey forests. They like the grab on anything you can and also remember they are wild animals… not pets!

  • Don’t drink the water. Make sure to buy bottled water as tap water is not drinkable. Ice however at resorts and major hotels is typically safe.

  • Brush up on your temple etiquette. To enter a temple, you must wear a sarong (usually with sash around your waist). Temples are generally free to visit. However, most keepers will show visitors to a ‘donation box’.

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