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Friday Feature: Philippines



From lush rainforests to world class beaches, the landscape of the Philippines is one of the most diverse and drawing more and more visitors from around the world! With over 7,000 islands, you really have to choose your Philippines travel itinerary carefully if you want to take in all of this incredible country! There are five different airports to choose from, making it easily accessible from various parts of the world.

Best Times to Visit: The Philippines are most popular during the dry season, between November and April. Temperatures are high during March and April, so it’s best to travel during the cooler months of December to February.

Places to see:

Twin Lagoon and Banol Beach, Coron Island. Surrounded by towering cliffs, and filled with crystal clear water, the lagoons are a must see. You won’t be alone. Large tour groups come and go all day, but if you stick around for long enough you can find a little piece of paradise for yourself. Banol Beach is everything you would imagine the Philippines to be – crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, and surrounding mountains-cape. The cliffs are scattered with old fisherman’s huts, which have the effect of transporting you back in time.

El Nido, Palawan. Do yourself a favor and give this beautiful place a Google… yeah, crazy right?! Aside from it’s beauty and friendly locals, this town has an abundance of tours that will take you island hopping with a great local host who can point out the various island and beaches!

Binalayan Hidden Waterfalls, Cebu. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, the cliff diving in Binalayan Falls is magical. This hidden gem is in the middle of the jungle with three distinct streams and ledges of varying heights for the those willing to take the plunge! There is a short walk required to the falls so wear good shoes – you won’t regret it!

Feature Hotel: Amanpulo

Things to know before you go…


  • Don’t get in a hurry. There is no thing as fast travel in the Philippines, as most travel is done from island to island on boats! So kick your feet up and take your time with this country.

  • Skip the car rental. While some travelers gravitate to the flexibility that a car offers them, it is best to skip it in the Philippines. Aside from being both stressful and dangerous, it is also best to see the sights and beauty of the country.

  • Brace yourself for the heat… because the heat and humidity of the country is no joke.

  • Tip your servers! The Philippines is a country that provides cheap service so tipping is common practice. At restaurants, it’s customary to leave 10-15% of your final bill, unless service charge is included, in which case, less is fine.

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