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Friday Feature: Marlborough, New Zealand

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The region of Malborough is best known for world class Sauvignon Blanc but this gorgeous spot isn’t just for our white wine lovers! New Zealand’s largest wine growing region is also home to delicious seafood and diverse landscapes that offer a little something different for every traveler’s style. How do you get to this beautiful spot? It is best to look for a flight into Christchurch then renting a car to drive the 4.5 hour drive to Marlborough. There are a number of direct flights offered daily by Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia to Christchurch!

Best Times to Visit: The best time to visit Marlborough is between October through April when temperatures are warm as New Zealand is in summer time during these months!

Things to do:

Sample the local Sauvignon Blanc. This may seem like the most obvious answer but truly no trip to this region of New Zealand is complete without a taste of the local speciality! We recommend spending one afternoon taking a winery tour. There is a variety of local wine trail operators providing a popular way to see and sample what Marlborough has to offer, be it by car, coach, or bicycle.

Take a scenic walk through Wither Hills Farm Park. This beautiful trail offers incredible views of Marlborough and the Wairau Plains. Or take your stroll along the Taylor River reserve, finishing with coffee and cake at a riverside cafe.

Kayak through the Wairau Lagoon. This lagoon is perfect for all of our outdoor lovers, particularly if you love bird watching! It is home to over 90 species of birds and also the first human habitation of New Zealand.

Hit the beach. If you would like some sun and sand during your travels, make sure to head to Whites Bay or Robin Hodd Bay for some great beach action! If you are into surfing these are two popular local spots to hang ten along the coast of New Zealand.

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Feature Hotel: The Marlborough Lodge, Bay of Many Coves, The Sounds Retreat

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Things to know before you go…


  • There is an accent but locals will tell you it is extremely different than Australian… but not by much haha!

  • They speak English, but that doesn’t mean using the same words we do. It never hurts to pick up a phrasebook so you are able to determine “ketchup” vs. “tomato sauce”.

  • Locals have a lot of pride in their country. Don’t be shocked if they ask you repeatedly about how much you are loving New Zealand!

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