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Friday Feature: Curaçao




Curaçao is arguable one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets. This beautiful island is located in the southern Caribbean nestled between Aruba and Bonaire. Cleverly, these islands are known as the ABC islands! Curaçao, the largest of the three, is a unique melting pot of different cultures, cuisines and languages. However, most people also speak Dutch, English and Spanish so you needn’t worry if you’re not multilingual! You can fly direct to Curaçao from Miami into Hato International Airport.

Best Times to Visit: May to November are considered the off-peak season. During these months, you’ll find the lowest airfares and hotel rates. Plus, you won’t be vying for beach chairs with other vacationers.

Things to do:

Go beach hopping. Most of Curaçao’s beautiful beaches are easily accessible, however some are more tucked away into coves. Banda Bou, located on the western side of the island, is home to some of the best beaches! Rent a jeep for a more local feel!

Explore Willemstad. Most known for it’s beautiful, colorful buildings, this city is a must do during your time in Curaçao. The government allows local artists use some of the abandoned buildings outside walls as a canvas to express themselves. Make sure to bring your camera!

Go diving. The Caribbean is known for it’s crystal clear waters and exotic marine life. There are plenty of reefs off the beaches where you can rent scuba or snorkeling equipment to explore for yourself.

Take it easy! If there one place in the world to relax and unwind, this is it! Make sure that you leave plenty of time to simply enjoy the beaches and sunshine.

Feature Hotels: Baoase Luxury Resort, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, Avila Beach Hotel


Things to know before you go…


  • There are four languages that are spoken on the islands (English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamentu) but most everyone speaks English.

  • Unlike some of the other Caribbean islands Curaçao is below the hurricane belt so you can go during hurricane season.

  • It is best to rent a car on the island to travel on your own terms.

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