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The Perfect Fall Packing List for a European Vacation

I’m from a state with two seasons…if even that! We get summer temperatures for about 80% of the year, and that perfect boot/sweater/PSL weather typically graces Florida with its presence for about 48 hours (max). So naturally, I planned and plotted for what I would pack when faced with actual fall temperatures during my travels. What I didn’t know realize (call it naïve optimism) is how rainy Europe can be the autumnal months. Am I regretting ditching my foldable rain boots right about now…yep. I’d trade my sneakers (that I still haven’t worn) any day of the week to have dry tootsies.

Through my lessons learned, I’m sharing the ideal fall packing list for European weather for women. This could all fit in a carry-on, if you are creative (I promise it does)…but could easier be packed in one checked piece of luggage (plus, this way you don’t have to limit your souvenir shopping!).

Obviously, the weather will differ some from place to place…but the Europe is pretty variable and this list will allow you to prepare for a multitude of situations. Everything below is ideal for one week, but with laundry capabilities, this could be for any duration of fall travel.


  • 2 sweaters (one lighter and one heavier, but not bulky)

  • 2 tops (one long sleeve tee and one short sleeve nice top that could go with jeans)

  • 2 camisoles for layering, if necessary

  • 2 neutral colored dresses that pair with tights (potentially one sleeveless for warmer temps and one sweater dress for cooler days)

  • 1 pair of jeans

  • 2 pair of leggings (both black: one workout material and one pleather)

  • 1 leather jacket

  • 1 waterproof trench coat/rain coat

  • 1 scarf that goes with all clothing

  • 1 pair of gloves (depending on the forecast)

  • 1 pair of leather boots

  • 1 pair of water proof shoe (rain boots or these booties that are big right now abroad)

  • 1 non-boot shoe for warmer days (slide on sneakers or flats)

  • 1 pair black tights

  • 2 pair of pajamas (one cooler and one warmer)

  • 3 bras (one nude, one black, and one sports bra)

  • 7 pairs of socks (the thinner, the better for packing)

  • 10 pair of underwear

  • A bathing suit (no matter the weather…you never know!)

  • A neutral clutch for dinners

  • A larger bag for walking around town/carry-on personal item


  • A mini umbrella

  • Glasses/contacts/sunglasses

  • Hygienic products (make-up, shampoo, face wash, lotions, etc.)

  • Medicines (Pepto, Tylenol, Benadryl, Band-Aids, etc.)

  • Beauty tools (I just opted for a straightener)

  • Technology (Phones, cameras, GoPro, battery packs, adaptors, all chargers, headphones, Kindle, etc.)

As an additional note, I would suggest using one color palette to make sure that everything can mix and match. I chose black, cognac, cream and olive, which has worked perfectly all together. Black is the predominant color in Europe (even in most of the islands) for, what I would assume to be, a multitude of reasons: 1) It is always in style 2) it never looks dirty when walking around/sitting in public transportation/etc. I have opted for a black dress, black tights, cognac boots, and a cognac leather jacket on many occasions because of it’s ease and ability to blend in with the cultural fashion norms.

It may sound like these items are really ideal for colder weather, however, no matter where you go in Europe during the fall, it is bound to be cooler in the evenings. This list will easily go from day to night without any fear of being too chilly.

Happy packing!

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