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How to: Expedite your passport

Applying for a passport is the first step towards starting your adventures over seas. However, passports can take anywhere from six to eight weeks to process before you are able to actually use them! But what happens if you have a quicker timeline than that?! The good news is that it is possible to expedite the process with these easy steps:


  1. Complete the appropriate passport application form. Your application status will dictate which form to complete:

    • Form DS-11 : for first-time applicants, minors and those wanting to replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport. DS-11 should not be signed until an agent asks the applicant to do so.

    • Form DS-82 : for renewals by mail.

    • Form DS-5504: for passport name change, data correction or replacement of limited validity passport.

    • Form DS-4085 : for those who want to add visa pages to their passports.

  2. Gather all supporting documents. For first time passport applicants you will be required to bring your birth certificate or proof of US citizenship and proof of your identity.

  3. Submit the appropriate form.

    • To receive your passport in 2-3 weeks (first time applicants): Present the completed, but unsigned application Form DS-11 and supporting documents to the agent. Include payment of $170 in the packet – this includes an application processing fee of $110 and an expedited service fee of $60. Write the word “expedite” on the outside of the envelope.

    • To receive your passport in less than 2 weeks: Applicants who need to obtain a passport, renew their passport, request a passport name change or additional visa pages in less than two weeks can apply at a regional agency. Call the National Passport Information Center’s automated appointment system to schedule at visit. If you are unable to visit a regional agency, you could hire a professional expeditor. Simply Google an expeditor, complete their online application, and send them an envelope with the completed application, photocopies of supporting documents, and payment that will be submitted to the U.S. Department of State.

You can apply, track your application status, report a lost/stolen passport, and more HERE!

  • Important note: governmental processes and conditions are subject to change. Refer to governmental resources and webpages for the most up to date version of processing a passport. Explorateur Travel is not held liable for any failure to obtain a passport due to the guide outlined above.

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