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5 Reasons Why You Need a Local Bucket List

Call it a to do list, a life list, an itch list. Whatever it’s name, you probably have a bucket list of some sorts filled with exotic vacations and adrenaline pumping adventures. If you don’t, I recommend starting yours today. And if you need some inspiration, check out our 3 easy rules to writing your bucket list.

It is so easy to get swept away dreaming of far away lands with diverse cultures and experiences, but few people ever stop to consider the idea of a local bucket list. While I am in no way understating the invaluable life lessons learned through traveling abroad, I would argue that just as much can be learned from playing tourist in your own city. The easiest part? It’s right outside your door! But if you still need convincing, here are five reasons why you should seriously consider creating your own local bucket list:

It satisfies your wanderlust without the added expenses. 

Travel is exciting and ridiculously addicting! Why? Because it is new. That is why we travel after all, isn’t it? To escape the normalcy of our everyday life. It means new cities with new restaurants, sights, and people. However, it is not always possible with our schedules, responsibilities, or financial situations. Treating your hometown like a new city one weekend a month can broaden our horizons enough to satisfy that travel craving just enough to keep you wanting more!

It forces you out of your comfort zone. 

Home should feel like a place of comfort – that’s what makes it “home” in the first place. But if you are anything like us, you crave new experiences and a little discomfort from time to time. After all, we learn more about ourselves while we are fumbling through the uncertainty of a new location, culture, or language than we do sitting at home binge watching our favorite Netflix shows. And maybe breaking outside of your comfort zone in your own city seems counterintuitive. But if you treat an unexplored section of your hometown like you would any other vacation destination, you can reap the benefits of travel without the added hassle of TSA check points or travel delays! 

It keeps you present. 

It is so easy to sleep walk through life with our monotonous schedules and daily routines. Making it a priority each week to shake things up and break the norm can help you to appreciate your city that much more – and it can be as simple as replacing your classic Starbucks run for that trendy coffee shop down the street. It’s not hard to get wrapped up in the planning of our next exotic vacation. Trust me… we know! But a simple change in perspective can feed your wandering soul and prevent you from missing the authentic experiences and local flavors that are right outside your front door.

It prevents you from making excuses. 

We encourage you to give yourself a deadline – a year, the summer, 9 months – and just do it! Giving yourself a deadline prevents us from using the classic “I can do it another time” excuse! A quick Pinterest/Google search of “top things to do in (insert town name here)” can open your eyes to the many places you may have never even known you were missing out on. And while an exotic bucket list with luxurious destinations can keep us giddy with anticipation, so can a local bucket list! So pick some places you have been wanting to try, and JUST GO! Because when was the last time you regretted a good adventure!

It makes you a great host. 

Finally, it helps turn you into the hostess-with-the-mostess. We all have that one friend who always seems to know exactly where to go, what to order, and what cool new things are happening. Exploring your hometown like you would a vacation spot is the easiest way for you to expand your list of fun “to do’s” for when out of town friends and family come visit. I promise your future house guests will thank you!   

What’s on your local bucket list?! Share your hometown and favorite local bucket list item in the comments! 

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