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How to Nail The Perfect Selfie While Traveling Solo

If you didn’t post a picture of it, did it actually happen? Did you really go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef if it wasn’t on your Facebook news feed? Did you truly eat that bowl of pho at the new restaurant down the street if it didn’t make an appearance on Instagram?

We live in a digital age and photographs are becoming how we define our experiences, but how do capture those moments when traveling solo? Below is your guide to nailing the perfect selfie:

Study social media for photos that you like. While duplication is the finest form of flattery, you want to figure out your own style. Check out some selfies on social media that you really like and analyze why you like it. Is it the facial expression? The background to face ratio? Is is where the head it placed? Notice what you like and play with it in your own setting.

Follow the light. Looking into a light source will help illuminate your face, avoid shadows, and capture clearer images. If you’re worried about squinting…keep your sunnies on!

Get the right equipment. You don’t have to have the arm length of an Olympic swimmer to get the perfect pic. There are a few things that can make capturing your perfect snapshot a lot easier. My favorites?

  • Mini Tripod for iPhone. Two words: Game. Changer. This lightweight tripod can be stowed in your pocket or purse…and it even has a built in bottle opener! This affordable and portable item can help you grab the perfect shot anytime.

  • Anti-Slip Grip: Terrified to drop your phone while riding on the back of a scooter? or scared to hold your hand over water while trying to snap your selfie? This easy device an stick on the back of your phone and give you the extra assurance that you need to hold your phone with ease.

  • Full-size Tripod: Don’t be afraid to pull out the real deal. Okay, so this may not be a “selfie” by definition, but sometimes you just want a quality photo of the whole group with more than a few faces in the shot. It is cumbersome? Maybe a little. It is awkward? It can be. Or you can just tote a travel tripod like a champ and feel no shame for getting that mantle-worthy photo.

Just Relax. It’s a selfie! If you are taking yourself to seriously you risk looking vain (I’m just being honest here)…so just relax and have fun. Laugh, smile, and think of something that makes you happy. You’re not shooting to land a contract with a modeling agency (or maybe you are) and happiness exudes confidence!

Don’t be afraid of asking strangers. I traveled for half of my trip without getting quality pictures that included an important! Why? Because I was nervous to break through language barriers and ask for a picture. Who cares?! Chances are, the person will be happy to oblige and they won’t think a thing of it. Just go for it. Ask a stranger, make a connection with a person, and capture a great moment in time!

Happy snapping!



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