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YES, YES, and…YES!

Group of friends after jumping off the Bloukrans bridge (pictured behind us) 

Group of friends after jumping off the Bloukrans bridge (pictured behind us) 

Ok, I’ve been thinking lately how much my life has changed just by saying “yes” to new things, and I wanted to share with you guys how that’s even possible. Have you ever been debating if you should go to the concert or stay home? Or if you should go on that lunch date or pull the “I’m busy” card? I know I have. Then I’ll choose the latter and eat ice cream on the couch and snuggle with my puppy- I mean that’s plenty of fun too, but, keep reading you’ll see…

Sometimes you just have to use that small amount of spontaneity inside of you and say to yourself “what the heck, sure!” For the time being let’s apply this to traveling. I want you to realize that by saying “yes” you’re learning, you’re experiencing, and you’re growing.

[Quick story- So, I went on this road trip with a group of friends up the Garden Route for a weekend because a handful of them wanted to jump of the Bloukrans Bridge. Me? LOL, no, not me, never…at least that’s what I thought. We get to the backpacker’s lodge, chill out and grab dinner, then we get up the next morning and it’s the day everyone had their jump booked. (If you haven’t yet checked out the Bloukran’s Bridge, please do- it’s pretty crazy!!) My two friends E and J were booked for that morning and I decided to go be their support system (yeah, wasn’t thinking). Fast forward…I walked on the bridge with them to take their photos and videos, and in our group was one other girl who was also playing cheerleader for her friend. As soon as we get up to the top of the bridge the guy asked both of us if we were jumping. NOPE. No questions asked. After people started jumping we looked at each other and couldn’t decide if we should take the plunge or not. Finally we said “ok, ok omg, YES, let’s just do it” and the guy grabbed a harness for us both. ‘I’m insane, I have to be insane’ was all that was running through my head. Ya’ll, I jumped off a bridge!! I went through this crazy plethora of emotions while standing on the edge, but just by saying “yes” I conquered a fear I didn’t know existed, I realized I have more courage than I thought, and I jumped off the tallest bridge bungee jump in the world. Now that’s pretty cool.]

Me jumping off of Bloukrans Bridge 

Me jumping off of Bloukrans Bridge 

Don’t let fear get in the way of doing anything, especially when traveling, because you never know what you’ll be missing; it’s the experience that makes it all the worthwhile. 

To whoever is reading this:

Say “yes” to buying the ticket and flying half way around the world. 

Say “yes” to sleeping under the stars and wish on every one.

Say “yes” to trying that new coffee shop and having that second beer. 

Because if you say “no,” you’ll get a case of what I call the Shoulda Woulda Coulda(s), and they are no fun!

Star gazing in the cederberg Wilderness area, south africa. Photo Credit: Lishen ye

Star gazing in the cederberg Wilderness area, south africa. 

Photo Credit: Lishen ye

I can’t imagine where I would be in life if I didn’t say “yes.” I probably would’ve never gone to Africa, definitely would’ve never bungee jumped (DO IT!), and would’ve never received all the little gifts that travel gave me. Get on the train and find yourself lost. Take the overnight bus because the tickets are cheap. You’ll probably break down, but you’ll probably meet new friends, and you’ll probably discover that bay you never knew existed. Say “yes” and spend that cushion money because it’ll bring you 10 days of wearing dirty clothes, reading one book per day, and laughing so loud that you wake up the 6 other tents around you. Life will leave you stranded at many cross roads that are 100 miles long, take the road that doesn’t have the sign and see where you end up. 

So, what do you think, my friends? Do yourself a favor. Throw your hands up and say “ok, why not?!” to all the opportunities that come along. If you’re scared, thinking about it (even a lil’ bit), or are dying to do it, just say yes, yes and…YES! 


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