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How The Name “Explorateur” Came To Be

“Explora….tour? ter? ….. (mumbling of something ending in ‘er’) Travel”

That is what I am typically met with when handing someone my business card, showing them my website, or sharing my email address. 

So, how do you say it? First, say “Explor”…okay okay, we all got that far. Then, “ateur” like “uh-te-your.”

Now that I have you all speaking to yourself, I’d like to tell you why how our company got this name and why I just think it is perfect for who we are and what we do.

Photo credit: Cheese of the Month Club

Photo credit: Cheese of the Month Club

Explorateur is a type of cheese (yes, we are named after cheese). A French cheese, to be precise. You may have guessed already (no judgement if you didn’t), but the French word for “explorer” is “explorateur.” This cheese isn’t just soft and delicious though, as it has a deep rooted patriotic history.  A French fromagerie (cheese shop) created “L’Explorateur” cheese in honor of the first U.S. Satellite, The Explorer.

And what do satellites do? They circle the world!

So there you have it. Our name is based on a food that we LOVE to an obnoxiously indescribable amount with a deep history of one country honoring another country’s accomplishments. This, my friends, is the whole point of travel to me. We travel to eat great food and honor how other cultures have created life within their small piece of the world.

Think about why you travel for a moment. Is it the food? The wine? The architecture? To experience day-to-day from a different perspective? For all the reasons that I travel, I can compare to how this company found the name “Explorateur Travel.” We are all looking to travel to parts of the world to honor what has been created by someone else in a different part of our incredible planet.

Our goal is simple: reinvent the way that our customers travel by removing the intimidation and time commitment of planning, while helping others understand and appreciate different cultures.

How we do this is even more fun and we would love to tell you about it as you plan your next adventure.

We hope to hear from you soon!


Follow the adventure!