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Friday Feature: Amsterdam




Between Amsterdam’s forward thinking about recreational drugs and Red Light district, this beautiful little city on the river often gets a bad rap among many. However, we are hear to plead Amsterdam’s case as a charming and wonderful city that you should consider visiting in 2019! Between it’s bicycle covered streets, picturesque canal system, and extremely detailed architecture, Amsterdam is sure to leave you surprised and pleased with your stay! Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) is a major intercontinental flight hub and the home of KLM, the national flag-carrying airline of the Netherlands.

Best Times to Visit: The Dutch capital is great all year round, but April-May & September-November are the best time to visit Amsterdam. This is when the temperature is a little more moderate; perfect for canal cruising or a spring trip to the tulip fields of Keukenhof!

Things to do:

Cruise through the Amsterdam canals. The Amsteram canals are often times the first thing people think of when they think Amsterdam. Make sure to rent a small electric boat for a few hours to cruise and see the beautiful city from the water. Our favorite tour company: Those Dam Boat Guys

Rent a bike to explore the city. Given Amsterdam’s relatively small size, the most popular way to travel is by bike. Everyday during rush hour (8-9 am and 5-6 pm), thousands of cyclists take to the streets. The city is quite flat and filled with over 400 kilometers of bike paths. Consider renting a bike while you’re in Amsterdam to travel like a true local!

Visit the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum. For the history buffs, there are plenty of museums and exhibits to explore around the city. Some of our favorites are the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum. On Friday nights from 7 pm, the Van Gogh Museum is turned into a semi nightclub with cocktails and loud DJ music but also some free guided tours!

Heineken Brewery Experience. The Heineken Experience is a self guided interactive journey through the world of Heineken. You can discover the history of the company, the 4 natural ingredients of the beer, the brewing process, a tasting room and the Heineken brand. At the end of the tour you can enjoy 2 Heinekens or learn how to draught the perfect beer yourself!

Explore the Dam Square. This square is home to the Royal Palace and The De Nieuwe Kerk Museum. It is bustling with tourists and locals all day and night checking out the food stalls, restaurants, and trendy shops along the square.

Take a tour of the Red Light District. Explore Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District on an approximately 2-hour guided evening walking tour. Stroll by the red-lit window cabins of the cobbled alleyways of De Wallen, and learn about the area’s history and Amsterdam’s progressive approach to prostitution.

Visit the Bloemenmarkt. You won’t want to miss out on seeing the only floating flower market while in Amsterdam. Located on the Singel Canal, the fantastic displays of flowers at this floating flower market is beautiful to behold. Stop and smell the flowers and be sure to pick up a souvenir to remember your trip!

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Feature Hotels: Andaz Amsterdam, D’el Europe Amsterdam, Conservatorium Hotel


Fun Facts about Amsterdam…


  • 165: That’s the number of canals in Amsterdam. In total these waterways add up to more than 100 kilometers or about 60 miles.

  • 25,000: That’s the number of bicycles that end up in Amsterdam’s canals each year. Oddly, they say only 8,000 bikes are pulled out of the canals annually.

  • 1,515: That’s the number of bars and cafes in Amsterdam. Wow! That’s a lot of Heineken. 

  • 881,000: That’s approximately the number of bicycles in Amsterdam. A little funny, considering that there are only about 799,400 people living in the city. 

  • 1,281: That’s the number of bridges in all of Amsterdam. There are 80 bridges within the center of Amsterdam. Magere Brug, also known as the Skinny Bridge, is the most famous bridge in the city. The crossing of Reguliersgracht and Herengracht is known as the Bridge of 15 Bridges. If you stand in the right spot, especially at night, you can see a total of 15 arches into the distance. Pretty!

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